A trip to Cosy Club, Bournemouth

On Monday my friends and I went to Cosy Club in Bournemouth, to celebrate my friend Libby’s 21st birthday.

I was so excited to check this place out as it had been highly recommended by some of my family and friends.

The quirky venue has 3 floors all of which contain a mixture of odd dining tables, oil paintings and 1930’s styled sofas. The decor is extremely eccentric along with a really chilled and friendly atmosphere.

The menu contains a variety of food and drinks, from a selection of sandwiches to a wide range of tapas. The bar at the back of the restaurant had a selection of soft drinks, ale, beer, wine and classic cocktails.

For food, I went for the classic burger, containing a beef patty, burger sauce and iceberg lettuce, along with a side of fries and house slaw. And as for drinks, I had a classic mojito and got a free beer with my burger.

The whole thing was incredibly tasty and very cheap, costing a mere Β£15 for a main meal and 2 alcoholic drinks.

Whether it’s just for a drink or a small bite to eat, Cosy Club has it all. I definitely recommend anyone in the area to check this place out!

Check out the Cosy Club menu here.


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