My Daily Skin-care Routine

The cold, dreary and dry weather can make skin look and feel awful, however after using these products everyday I’m able to keep any blemishes away and leave my face feeling silky smooth. My skin tends to be a combination of dry and oily, so the products pictured below are perfect for me.


Here is my daily skin-care routine:

Morning Routine

  • Firstly, I wash my face using the Body Shop – Tea Tree Face Wash, which is amazing. Tea tree oil naturally fights acne so it keeps spots away and fades red marks.
  • Then I moisturise using a face and body moisturiser by Nivea.

Nigh-time Routine

  • I remove my make-up using a make-up wipe for sensitive skin.
  • Then I apply the Body Shop – Tea Tree Toner to remove any excess make-up.
  • Lastly, I’ll wash my face with the same product that I use in the morning and moisturise.

Once every 2 weeks I’ll use a clay mask to keep my skin feeling silky smooth. My favourite one to use at the moment is Quick Fix Facial’s – Anti-Blemish Mud Mask, which is brilliant. And I’ll exfoliate my face once a week using St. Ives – Blemish Fighting Apricot Scrub, which removes any dead and dry skin.

Top tips for healthy skin:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Clean your make-up brushes
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Eat fruit & veg
  • Try not to touch your face too much!




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