My favourite eyeshadow palettes

It’s rare for me to ever pick up an individually housed eyeshadow these days as palettes are my favourite and I love that you can get many different colours, tones and textures all in one box. When it comes to picking a favourite I really struggle, however I somehow managed to find my top 3 palettes that I absolutely adore.


Urban Decay Naked Palette 1

This gorgeous palette is so pleasing to the eye as it offers matte shadows as well as a few shimmery shades which are perfect for a smokey eye.


The colours tend to be brown and bronzy along with a glittery silver and black at the end of the palette. I like to wear the first few colours during the day to create more of a natural look and save the darker shades for the evening.

The shadows effortlessly sweep onto the eye and not much is needed to create a solid colour. Although, I would be careful when using the shimmery shades as they are so pigmented and the glitter gets everywhere.


Two Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette

This is the newest chocolate bar palette and it’s amazing. There are 16 cocoa infused matte and shimmer shades which smell incredible.


The colours range from a warm caramel to a bright blueberry, all of which are great for the daytime. Each shadow is so rich and pigmented and creates such a great make-up look.

Definitely a must-have for your make-up stash.


Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette

This palette is my go-to for an evening make-up look. There are 8 satin shades which range from a light pink to navy blue and 4 matte shades, which are perfect for an eyeshadow base.


Each shadow applies so well and are perfect to create a dark smokey eye.

I fully recommend all of you to invest in this box of shimmery goodness!




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