The perfect autumn lip

Nothing says Autumn like the golden leaves falling from trees, pumpkin spice, cosy knit jumpers and of course a dark berry lip.

I love dark, bold and striking lip colours so this season is perfect for me. Here are a couple of my favourite lip shades for Autumn.


MAC Taupe

A matte redish-brown. Perfect as an Autumn nude lip colour.

MAC Whirl

A matte brown with a hint of auburn.

MAC Antique Velvet

A dark purple/deep brown with a matte finish. It’s extremely dark when worn.

NYX Maison

A brown/stone colour with a matte finish.




Left to right – Taupe, Whirl, Antique Velvet, Maison


Top to bottom – Maison, Antique Velvet, Whirl, Taupe

What are your favourite lip colours for Autumn?



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