The perfect summer lip

Although summer is coming to a near end I thought I’d do a quick post on creating the perfect lip for this season. I’ve been wearing the 4 lipsticks pictured below for most of the summer as they create a ‘barely there’ look and are so light-weight.

2016-08-15 12.39.01

Here’s how to create the perfect summer lip…


When applying any lipstick its good to prep your lips by buffing and scrubbing them to remove any dry skin. You can either apply a lip scrub or apply a small amount of Vaseline and then get a toothbrush and move it in circular motions to remove any dry skin and create the perfect base.


Next, apply a lip balm to keep your lips plump and nourished.

Lip Pencil

Using a lip pencil as a base can prolong lip wear time. I like to use a lip pencil to neaten and define my lip line. My favourite ones for the summer are, Primark Beauty – lip liner pencil in the shade 10 Brown and 08 Pink. Another great lip liner that I like to use is Rimmel’s Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Liner in Tiramisu. They last for hours and are completely smudge proof. (Please excuse the fact that I haven’t sharpened the pencils).


To create a natural and summery lip colour I’ve been using these 4 shades by MAC. They’re all brilliant and I really like the fact that they’re all quite subtle.

MAC Yash  is really lovely pink/light brown shade, almost quite nude like. It’s great with slightly heavier eye make-up.

MAC Pink Plaid is a baby pink colour and looks great when you have very little make-up on.

MAC Mehr is a darker shade of pink. It looks quite natural but also gives a pop of colour.

MAC Honeylove is a cream brown shade which gives a ‘barely there’ look.

Have a look at the shades on MAC’s website.




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