Make-up Revolution Golden Sugar Blush Palette

One of my favourite purchases of this week was this beautiful blush palette by Make-up Revolution called Golden Sugar Blush Palette. It’s so pretty and extremely versatile, so I thought I’d do a quick review on it!




The palette comes in a sleek and stylish black box, which is extremely professional looking. I like the fact it looks so simple but is also so eye-catching with the gold lettering. 

The case is sturdy and makes the blushes shatterproof, which is great for me.






I was so amazed with this palette as not only is it filled with 8 blusher powders, but they can be used as eyeshadows and highlighters! There are 6 shimmery powders and 2 matte ones, which can actually be used for contouring. 



Here are the swatches:




Top row swatches


Bottom row swatches




Each blusher is so easy to apply and sweeps onto the skin, giving a really nice healthy glow. There are different colours for both daytime and evening make-up looks.

Overall, I give this palette 10/10. For only ยฃ6 it’s this box of shimmery goodness is amazing. I love the fact it’s so versatile and can be applied onto the eyes as well as the cheeks. 

This beautiful palette is well worth getting your hands on.

Buy the Golden Sugar Palette here.





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