The Balm Mary Lou Minizer Highlighter

I luuurve a great highlighter. The shimmery glow it adds to your cheekbones instantly adds radiance to you face and completes any make-up look.

The Mary Lou Minizer by the American cosmetic company – The Balm, is one I’ve been using for a couple of weeks now and it’s amazing.



Here is a lil review of the shimmery goodness:


The highlighter comes in a really cute compact which is great if you’re applying your makeup on the go.
It has a Soap and Glory feel to it, with the cartoon woman on the front and the pink cardboard packaging, which I really like!
The compact is nice and sturdy for you clumsy ones out there who tend to drop things, so it won’t shatter.



This highlighter is a really nice gold/beige colour and there is plenty of shimmer in it.




The Mary Lou Minizer applies really well and sweeps onto the skin. It’s not entirely a powder highlighter, but it’s not a cream one either and so it effortlessly brushes onto the skin.


Overall I’d give this highlighter a 10/10.

It applies so nicely and gives a healthy, radiant glow, I definitely recommend it!


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