A trip to Mission Burrito, Birmingham

I came home from university for the weekend to spend some time with my Mum as it was Mothers day on Sunday. We decided to do something that we both love and we took a trip to Birmingham for some well needed retail therapy at the Bull Ring. After browsing in the stores and trying on numerous amounts of clothing we were both starving, and so we headed to Mission Burrito for some lunch.

The place itself was small and had a limited amount of seating available, however it was cute and cosy.
The whole place smelt delicious and I was dying to try out some of the food available.

There were burritos, tacos and rice boxes to choose from, and there were a variety of fillings to have, all of which looked so tasty.
I ended up going for a chicken burrito filled with refried beans, rice, salad, jalapeños, melted cheese and sour cream. I can’t even explain how good it tasted, the chicken was so soft and tender but the jalapeños gave the whole thing a tangy kick, whilst leaving the melted cheese and sour cream to cool the heat down slightly.
It was so filling which was extremely surprising, seeing as the burrito was fairly small.

2016-03-08 16.33.46

20160305_134122 (1)


The food is reasonably priced with a small burrito costing a mere £6.00 and a side of tortilla chips at 50p.

The service was great and everyone was extremely helpful and friendly. I also loved the fact that you can see your own burrito being made and you can have a variety of fillings to choose from.

I definitely recommend everyone to check out Mission Burrito!


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