10 reasons you need to visit Amsterdam

Amsterdam – the city that is famously known for its canals, coffee shops and of course The Red Light District. It’s notorious for its legal smoking of marijuana and its endless amount of erotic shops, but as I found out a couple of weeks ago, there is so much more to the Dutch City than that.

Here I’ve made a list of the 10 reasons you need to visit Amsterdam.



The Scenery

Amsterdam is probably one of the most picturesque and prettiest city’s I’ve ever seen. From the detailed architecture on the buildings to the canals that flow through the city, Amsterdam really is a beautiful sight and it’s worth visiting just to see how beautiful the city is.





The Red Light District

The Red Light District leaves nothing to the imagination, and I advise anyone who visits the city to go there.

Filled with erotic stores, coffee shops and museums there is plenty to do there, including a bit of ‘window shopping,’ (if you get what I mean).

It’s a real eye opener and definitely a place you must visit.



The Dutch City is crazy when it comes to transport. One of the things that surprised me the most was how many people use bikes to get around, and how busy the roads get. But it’s seriously dangerous. The cyclists move incredibly fast, and an accidental trip into the bike lane could definitely knock you out.

So, my friends and I thought it would be better to travel around using something a lot simpler – the tram. It was fairly easy to use, however you have to be incredibly fast when getting on and off as the doors close super quickly!





Of course trying Amsterdam’s famous Space Cakes, and visiting the coffee shops is a reason to go to the city. Although its not for everyone, visiting a coffee shop just to experience the cultural difference is worth it. I thought it was strange to be able to go into a café and legally smoke marijuana.



From canal boat trips to visiting Amsterdam’s Dungeons, there is so much to do in the city. I would definitely recommend checking out a museum as there are so many. We went to a famous brothel museum called Yab Yum, which was Amsterdam’s most exclusive and well-known brothel back in the 80’s. We had an in-depth tour of the place and it was surprisingly very interesting. 

 Anne Frank Museum

The Anne Frank House is definitely a must see. The historic house has an exhibition of the wartime diarist, Anne Frank. Visitors get a tour of the house and are able to see quotations from the diary, historical documents, and photographs that belonged to those in hiding.

Although we queued for 2 long hours, it’s definitely something to see.




Amsterdam has such a side range of restaurants and bars to eat in, and if you’re a food lover like me, you will really appreciate the great places to eat. One of the things I do recommend trying are the desserts, which are amazing.




From boutiques to high-street stores, Amsterdam is great for shoppers. Since many of the roads in the centre are pedestrian only, it makes it pleasant for shopping. A lot of the shops are hidden away amongst the ‘Amsterdam corridors’ giving each shop its own charm and speciality.

We found out that you can pretty much buy anything and everything in Amsterdam. And I mean anything.





The city is filled with bars and clubs, and in many of the club girls get free entry, so it was pretty good for my friends and I.

There are many organised pub crawls which a lot of tourists go on, and of course the coffee shops are really great too. The most famous one is The Bull Dog, which was the first coffee shop in Amsterdam, and has a really chilled out atmosphere, along with good music.





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