How to tame the frizz

Let’s face it, having frizzy and dry hair is not a great look. With today’s sleek styles, nothing puts a crimp in your hair more than frizz does, I mean, I would know because I suffer from a really bad case of frizz. But, since discovering some great hair oils I have managed to control my unruly locks and tackle the frizz. Here are a couple of my favourites and some tips to help tame that mane!



Moroccanoil Treatment – 7/10

This is an absolute lifesaver. Slightly pricey at ยฃ31.00, however it gets rid of dry ends and leaves your hair feeling smooth and silky after you’ve applied it. You only need the tiniest amount which you apply to the ends of your hair to banish those pesky split ends.

Garnier Ultimate Blends, The Sleek Restorer Oil – 8/10

This is a new product which I’ve been trying out for a couple of weeks now. It has a hint of coconut which smells amaaazing and adds a nice silky glow to your locks. It’s also a cheaper version of any other hair oil at only ยฃ9.99. Just apply two pumps of the oil to wet or dry hair and let it work its magic.


Leo Bancroft Moroccan Miracle Argan Oil – 9.5/10

I think this is possibly my faaave, as it smells delicious and has really nourished my hair. It feels so lovely and soft, and looks a lot healthier after using it. This was also really cheap at ยฃ5.00 (thank you Tesco), so this is the real winner in my eyes.


Top tips to tame frizz

  • Don’t over wash your hair – it strips the natural oils from it and leaves it dehydrated.
  • Avoid blow-drying your hair and let it dry naturally to avoid frizz.
  • Up your omega intake as it strengthens brittle hair and helps to restore moisture, therefore de-frizzing those locks!







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